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Scheduled Oil Sampling (S•O•S SM)

Keep your equipment Operating at Peak Performance

S•O•SSM Services from GCPL is a valuable resource that cares for and improves your equipment management and helps you maximize component life. Our S•O•S SM Services are designed to identify problems before they become major repairs. Early detection is the key to reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Check out S•O•SSM Services from GCPL and see how the difference counts.

Why use GCPL's S.O.SSM Services?

Oil samples are collected from the machines at regular intervals by our service technicians and send to our S•O•S SM Lab at Asansol C.R.C. By analyzing the oil samples it is possible to assess the health of lube oil as well as health of the component. (Hydraulic, engine, transmission etc.).

Trend analysis plays a very important role here. With proper trending & correct interpretation of the results, the fault in the component can be pinpointed & action may be taken accordingly. Trend analysis is a valuable tool to prevent the component from potential failure.


What is going on inside the equipment. It enables you to predict wear-related problems, allowing greater flexibility in repair scheduling and downtime control. S•O•S SM Services tracks the wear of components, oil performance, and condition.


Repair time and availability using the S•O•S SM Services Report as a guide, troubleshooting time is often reduced, enabling a serviceman to go directly to the core of the problem. You can be assured that parts and shop time are readily available.


Oil change intervals.


Component life and equipment availability, thus reducing downtime and increasing productivity and profitability.

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